August 2 – 6 at Scallop RePublic

Tuesday – Open 5-10. Open Mic/Karaoke/Jam Session 7-10. Anybody can get up on stage and sing a song, play your instrument, recite a poem, tell a story….We have house instruments available.

Wednesday – Open 5-10. Hunter Wall.
Country and Rock Solo Artist

Thursday – Open 5-10. Sticky Tim 7-10.
Singer/Songwriter Tim Smith of Sticky Too! and Sticky Tea playing solo.

Friday – Open 5-11. El Papi 7-10.
Papi’s music will take you on an emotional journey. His music is fun and extremely energetic.

Saturday – Open 5-11. Jack & Gin 7-10.
Jack and Gin are a breakout duo based out of Panama City Beach, Florida. Jack and Gin are composed of Eli Ingram and Sandi MarLisa, both skilled singer-songwriters in their own capacities but they recently came together and have become blissful partners. As the story goes, the songwriters went on an adventure to Asheville North Carolina that quickly took a turn and the two ended up recording half of their debut album at the famous Echo Mountain Studios. Jack and Gin released their premier single “Hell’s Hot, Florida’s Hotter” in December of 2021.

D & J Food Trailer will be on site with BBQ.
Check their schedule at

Coming up:
Tuesday Aug 9 – Open Mic
Thursday Aug 11 – Janelle Frost
Saturday Aug 13 – Hunter Wall