August 30-September 3 at Scallop RePUBlic

Tuesday – Open 5-10. Open Mic/Karaoke/Jam Session 7-10. Anybody can get up on stage and sing a song, play your instrument, recite a poem, tell a story….We have house instruments available.

Wednesday – Open 5-10. Ronnie Randolph 7-10.
Classic Rock to 90’s Country, Alternative Rock to Easy Listening Pop favorites 60’s through today.

Thursday – Open 5-10. Sticky Tim 7-10.
Singer/Songwriter Tim Smith of Sticky Too! and Sticky Tea playing solo.

Friday – Open 5-11. Corey Hall 7-10.
Corey was born and raised in Florida. Folk and Blues music was played around him from a very young age. It now resonates through him as an artist and a musician.

Saturday – Open 5-10. NCAA Football on the TVs.

D & J Food Trailer will be on site with BBQ.
Check their schedule at

Coming up:
Tuesday September 6 – Open Mic
Wednesday September 7 – Zach Lambert
Thursday September 6 – Zach Lambert
Friday September 9 – TBD
Saturday September 10 – NCAA Football