Do you have food?
No, we provide pretzels to munch on.

Can we bring our own food?
Yes, you can bring your own food and enjoy it while drinking some of our tasty beverages.  The Sand Bucket has great barbeque,  Scallop Cove has delicious hot wings,  Cape Tradin’ Post has Hunt Brother’s Pizza, Skully’s has low country boil, and Peachy’s has fish tacos.

Can we bring our own drinks?
No.  Our primary source of income is from selling drinks. If you bring in your own drinks, you will not be supporting the entertainment we provide.  Also, it is against Florida law to bring your own alcoholic beverages in to our pub.

Do you allow children?
Well behaved children are welcome.  We have a variety of soft drinks and water.

Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are welcome down below, but not on the upper deck or inside the pub.

Do you have outside activities?
We have Corn Hole, Horse Shoes, Tiki Toss, and Kan Jam.

Do you have Televisions?
We have two televisions down below that are available upon request.

Do you allow smoking?
Smoking is permitted down below, but not on the upper deck or inside the pub.

Do you sell growlers?
We do not sell growlers, but we will gladly fill ones you bring with our tasty beer for $20 apiece.



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