November 21-26 at Scallop RePUBlic – Update

Monday – Open 5-9. Friendsgiving 6-9. NOTE TIME CORRECTION Potluck, bring a dish, meet the neighbors

Tuesday – Open 5-10. Trivia 7-10. Test your knowledge, win prizes.

Wednesday – Open 5-10. Jay Gurley 7-10.
Jay Gurley has been a professional guitarist and songwriter for over a quarter century. “Songs From An Indian Summer” was completed in the spring of 2011. Jay has just begun pre-production work and writing on his next self produced home studio recording project. The work in progress is entitled “Force Of Nature”.

Thursday – Closed. Happy Thanksgiving.

Friday – Open 5-10.

Saturday – Open 5-10. Smolderin’ Embers 7-10. The Pub’s House Band is back playing you classic rock favorites.

D & J Food Trailer will be on site with BBQ Friday and Saturday.

Coming up:
Tuesday November 29 – Open Mic
Wednesday November 30 – Hunter Wall
Thursday December 1 – Sticky Tim
Friday December 2 – The Highbeams