September 5-8 at Scallop RePUBlic

Tuesday – Open 5-10. Singo.
It’s Bingo, but with music.

Wednesday – Open 5-10. Sticky Tim 7-10.
Sticky Tim’s music embodies the spirit of the beach itself. His songs often evoke a sense of carefree joy, capturing the essence of sunshine, sand, aand salty ocean breezes. His lyrics touch upon themes of love, freedom, and embracing the laid-back lifestyle that the Cape is known for.

Thursday – Open 5-10. Corey Hall 6-7.
Corey was born and raised in Florida. Folk and Blues music was played around him from a very young age. It now resonates through him as an artist and a musician.

Friday – Open 5-10. Kaleb King 7-10.
Multi genre artist with a heavy leaning towards classic country and Singer/Songwriter style. His influences are as varied as his songwriting. From Townes Van Zandt to Van Morrison , John Lee Hooker to Hank Williams. What he shares most of all with his heroes is that he is a tried and true storyteller. Whether it be his own stories of hard living or stories he has acquired along the way. He tells these stories in a honest sometimes haunting way that draws you the listener into that world for a short time.

Saturday – Closed.

Sunday – Closed.

No Food Truck this week.

Coming up:
Tuesday September 12 – Singo
Wednesday September 13 – Hunter Wall
Thursday September 14 – Janelle Frostf
Friday September 15 – Hunter Wall