November 1-3 at Scallop RePUBlic

Wednesday – Open 5-10. Sticky Tim 7-10
“Sticky Tim’s music embodies the spirit of the beach itself. His songs often evoke a sense of carefree joy, capturing the essence of sunshine, sand, aand salty ocean breezes. His lyrics touch upon themes of love, freedom, and embracing the laid-back lifestyle that the Cape is known for.

Thursday – Open 5-10. Martin Rodriguez 7-10.
Solo acoustic artist playing a mix of Roots, Rock, Blues and classic tunes as well as his own original music.

Friday – Open 5-10. Hallie Long 7-10.
“Originally from Alabama, Hallie chose to take a risk. Leaving behind a promising corporate job, at a young age, in the pursuit of a dream. Hallie’s music career started at just 4 years old. Even at such a young age, she found herself leading songs in her local church. From there, her passion for the craft only grew. At 19, she hit #14 on the Itunes country charts with her debut album “”Truth Teller”” with no label, no promotions teams, just people believing in her music.

Saturday – Closed.

Sunday – Closed.

No Food Truck this Week.

Coming up:
Tuesday November 7 – Open Mic with NY Dave
Wednesday November 8 – Hunter Wall
Thursday November 9 – Janelle Frost
Friday November 10 – Matt Law
Saturday November 11 – Closed